About BCHF

About Me!

Chuck Brown and his guitar

Hey guys and gals, if you’ve made it this far I’m assuming you’ve read through the homepage. If not, that’s cool but you definitely should. Anyway, my name is Charles Brown…yes, like Charlie Brown the cartoon. I get a lot of laughs from that. I prefer to go by Chuck though. I started this site a few years back, really wanting to connect with other collecting enthusiasts. I have a few different collections, from baseball cards to Bobbleheads. Been collecting since childhood in fact. I’ve also played on baseball teams since I was really young but stopped after high school. I still play for fun when I have time, especially during summer but wanted to focus on making music.

The Website

As stated, this site is all about the greatest baseball players in history. We talk about stats, historic moments and the oldest and most valuable cards out there. I’ve made some really cool trades and evenĀ made money selling certain cards! If you’d like to learn more or wish to contact me, you can do so by emailingĀ charliebrown67@collector.org.