Heroes of the Pitching Mound

To be considered one of the greatest pitchers to ever grace the pitching mound, is quite a feat and throughout the decades that baseball has existed, there have been been only a select few to earn the title. Of course, every fan will have their own opinion of this, but stats don’t lie. In this article I will talk about a mere handful of pitchers (both right and left handed) that made their mark on history with their pitching abilities.

Pedro Martinez

Pedro Martinez has remarkable talent and is one of the hardest hitting pitches that ever was. His career lasted from 1992-2009. They say, that he reached his prime in 1999-2000, during which, his strikeout rate was almost 40%. This right handed pitcher really knew how to keep batters on their toes. One thing he was best at was throwing shutouts and was placed in the Hall of Fame in 2015.

Walter Johnson

One of the first of five players to join the hall of fame in 1936, pitcher, Walter Johnson, began his career in 1907. He pitched for the Washington Senators until 1927 with a recorded 110 shutouts during that time. He had a wicked fastball and continuously pitched intensely.

Bob Gibson

Fierce, competitive and extremely intimidating, Bob Gibson made his debut in 1959 with the St. Louis Cardinals. During his baseball career he was a two-time World Series MVP and was inducted into the hall of fame in 1981. Throughout this time he won many awards, including two Cy Young Awards in 1968 and 1970.

Sandy Koufax

This pitcher began his Major League Baseball career with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1995. Sandy Koufax went on to be the youngest player ever to be put in the hall of fame at only 36 years old. This left handed pitcher became the Most Valuable player in the National League in 1963 and wont three Cy Young Awards during that time.

Baseball has created some of the most amazing athletes that ever existed. Limits were pushed farther than anyone expected. This little list of pitchers barely scrapes the surface of the best that ever was but still gives a good example of the kind of intensity that The Greats possessed. With enough practice, anyone can be good, but it takes something special to become a legend. These athletes are true inspirations and make you wonder how they did it. It is because of them that baseball became what it is today, taking the game to a level no one thought possible.